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Tracks: 11
Total Running Time: approx 70 Minutes
Price: £5
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Track List

1. Bringer of Dreams10.17
2. The Greater Glory 7.29
3. The Dreams of Men aka Ghostdancers 7.32
4. The Executioner/Rat Racing 11.43
5. Crown of Thorns 10.52
6. Northern Star 4.02
7. The Midas Touch 9.43
8. Towers of Babble 9.41
9. Sanctuary 14.08
10. The Cross and the Crucible 9.33
11. Cut and Run 5.37

All that remains of the ill fated No Sleep...dvd project, doomed by two crashed hard drives and months of grief! Recorded directly from the front of house soundeck, with no overdubs or studio trickery, this set saw the first public playing of tracks as yet un recorded for the then in progress Dreams of Men album.
Ghostdancers had at that stage a different title and The Bringer of Dreams has a slightly different arrangement. There is a classic moment when Niall breaks a string half way through his solo in Sanctuary !