The tracks on the Arrive Alive album were recorded in April of 1981, at the Bungalow Bar in Paisley, Scotland. At that time, the line-up of the band was the first one that would last a long time (being together since late 1979 when Niall joined):
  • Ronnie Brown - keyboards
  • Derek Forman - drums
  • Euan Lowson - vocals
  • Nial Mathewson - guitar
  • Graeme Murray - bass, bass pedals, vocals
This is the Pallas album that has seen the largest number of different releases. It is also the first full album the band recorded.

First Pressing


Arrive Alive (MC, Granite Wax GWLP-001, 1981-06, UK)
  • Five To Four (9:40)
  • Queen Of The Deep (11:00)
  • Flashpoint (6:46) B
  • Heart Attack (8:19)
  • Crown Of Thorns (8:57)
  • The Ripper (13:00)
Arrive Alive was first released as a tape, on the band's own Granite Wax label, as catalog number GWLP-001. An edition of 250 copies were pressed. The covers (as shown on the left) were mostly photocopied by hand, the label printed on blue paper, although the colour might have varied. The artwork was done by Hillary Easton.


The cover is longer than shown above. The part that is folded out is shown on the right. It holds these album credits:

This album has come about thanks to the interest & encouragement received from audiences throughout Scotland, who believe & have supported the band over the last couple of years. It is to you that we dedicate this, our independantly released live album. Special thanks to the following, without whom this album could not have "arrived alive".

Brian & Si at Ca-Va Studios. The Radio Clyde Mobile & Crew. Paul & all at the Bungalow Bar, Paisley. Joe & Helene Murray for their patience. Pete in Glenrothes for the idea.

Crew & helpers, past & present: No. 3, the Wee Toastie Man, the Duke, Harpo, Ernie-Havago, the Incredible Hulk, Zoid The Void, Aster-Bon'Off-Plum, Wombat.

Management, staff & friends at: The Bungalow Bar, The Dial Inn, The Rothes Arms, The Cuinzie Neuk, The Dutch Mill, The Ochil Mill, The ABC Bowl, Heriot Watt Uni, etc.

The Pallas Golden Doggie Bag Awards To: Dom's Chipper, Thornton; 'Y Bird, Glasgow; Loopwat Cafe, Forfar; Yangtse, Kircaldy; Blue Lagoon, Glasgow; The Light Of Bengal & The Star Of India, Aberdeen.

Supporting cast of thousands: Joe & his wife... Cass... Anne Marie... Val, Anne & Andy... Euan's socks... duck hats... Howard Hairline... hitch-hikers & witches... Evila Evirra... Gorf... Alexanders (Northern) Ltd... Ginger... Barney Kessel... Heron & Murrays Truck Hire... (Tee Hee!)... Billy Sloan who was in the pub at the Apollo... the Rice Krispies... the Pallas Rumble... Graeme & Marlene Ross at Abbotsford Acoustics...

For Clare Forman, who arrived alive June 9th.

The track Arrive Alive was
not on the album. It wasn't even written yet. It was, however, recorded shortly after the first release of the tape.

Second Pressing

When the first pressing was sold out, a second batch was made, also of 250 copies. This second pressing contained a bonus track: Paris Is Burning (Demo). The cover, however, did not mention Paris Is Burning at all, since the same blue photocopied covers were used as for the first pressing. The band's official discography shows that the catalog number changed from GWLP-001 to GWC-002. I do not have a copy of this second pressing, so I cannot check nor show a scan of it. The track listing now is as follows.

Arrive Alive (MC, Granite Wax GWC-002, 1982-11, UK)

  • Five To Four (9:40)
  • Queen Of The Deep (11:00)
  • Flashpoint (6:46)
  • Paris Is Burning (Demo) (4:22) B
  • Heart Attack (8:19)
  • Crown Of Thorns (8:57)
  • The Ripper (13:00)
Paris Is Burning was recorded in November 1981, at Ca Va Sound Recorders in Glasgow, Scotland. During the same recording session, also the tracks Arrive Alive and Stranger On The Edge Of Time were recorded, which were later released on the Arrive Alive single.

Third Pressing

When the second pressing also sold out, a third one was made, now of 500 copies, making the total number of copies 1000. This third edition was released in December 1982 or January 1983, and the catalogue number remained the same as for the second pressing: GWC-002. The covers were printed on red paper and this time, and the track listing was corrected and did mention Paris Is Burning this time.

Cool King


In 1982, contact was made with Cool King Records. They were interested in re-releasing the album on tape as well as on LP. The cover of the tape was altered into black and gold. The track listing of the Cool King tape is the same as the second and third Granite Wax releases (so, including Paris Is Burning (Demo), although the word "Demo" was dropped). The tape and LP were released in March of 1983.


For the LP, however, the track listing had to be changed, due to time limitations of the vinyl format. Paris Is Burning (Demo), Five To Four and Flashpoint were omitted, and the studio recording of the song Arrive Alive (recorded Novemeber 1981 at Ca Va Studios, Glasgow, Scotland) was included as the opening track.

Arrive Alive (LP, Cool King CKLP-02, 1983-03, UK)

  • A
  • Arrive Alive (4:17)
  • Queen Of The Deep (11:00)
  • Crown Of Thorns (8:57) B
  • Heart Attack (8:19)
  • The Ripper (13:00)
For some reason, Cool King used the first and inferior mix of Arrive Alive, instead of the mix the band used on the Arrive Alive single.

CD Re-issue


Pallas fans have had to wait a very long time before this classic album was available on CD. But on the 26th of September 1998, time was finally there: Arrive Alive was released on CD! First it was released as a fan-club only release, but when the band signed a contract with German record label Inside Out Music for the release of Beat The Drum, Inside Out wanted to distribute Arrive Alive as well.

Arrive Alive
(CD, fan club release, 1998-09, UK) (73:57)(CD, Inside Out Music IOMCD ??, 1999, Germany) (73:57)

  • Arrive Alive (4:17)
  • Five To Four (10:11)
  • Queen Of The Deep (11:27)
  • Flashpoint (7:01)
  • The Ripper (14:42)
  • Crown Of Thorns (9:25)
  • Paris Is Burning (5:12)
  • The Hammer Falls (5:20)
  • Stranger On The Edge Of Time (5:35)
For the real collector, things are a bit difficult:

  • The track Arrive Alive is the same as on the Arrive Alive 7", so the proper mix was used. This means the mix used on the LP is not available on CD.
  • Five To Four, Queen Of The Deep, Flashpoint, and The Ripper are taken from the same tapes as all the other releases.
  • Crown Of Thorns, however, is a studio recording that was released only on the Eyes In The Night 12". The original live version of Crown Of Thorns is not available on CD.
  • Heart Attack was omitted from the CD completely, since the studio recording (originally released only on the Shock Treatment 12") was released on the Sentinel CD. This means that the original live version of Heart Attack are not available on CD.

This CD does include the Paris Is Burning 12" as bonus tracks. The CD is well over 70 minutes long, which means there simply wasn't more time.