Today is a sad day.

Playing in a band is like being in a marriage, only there are five partners instead of two. It is complicated. No one goes into a marriage expecting to get divorced. Alan has been a member of Pallas for many years, but the sad inescapable truth is that Alan, and the other members of the band have slowly drifted apart over the last couple of years.

No one set out with the intention that this should happen. It just has. It is partly due to the geographical problems of living at opposite ends of the UK. Alan has been unable to attend a Pallas rehearsal in the last five years, and writing music together when you are 500 miles apart is difficult. Sometimes people just grow apart as their ideas and interests change.

During the last set of UK gigs Alan did not travel with the rest of the band members and barely spoke to any of the rest of the band during the two days we were together. There was no discussion about the new album, no laughs with the rest of us. It was all very uncomfortable. None of us have had any communication from Alan since the Peel. At a time when we are starting to record a new album that seemed very odd.

Yesterday was a very sad day for me. It fell on me on behalf of the rest of the band to tell Alan that we wanted a divorce. Nothing Machiavellian, nothing gutless, nothing underhand, nothing vindictive. There is no good time to tell someone something like this. There is no good way to tell someone something like this. We are all very sad, and I, and the guys, knew how hurt Alan would be, understandably, but the fact is the relationship had broken down, to a point where we wanted a divorce.

The reason we play in Pallas is for the enjoyment and for the love of the music. If we are not enjoying it then there is no point and the band would simply die, like a loveless marriage. We were not enjoying the fact that the relationship had broken down. I don’t propose to discuss the breakdown its not appropriate, it just happened. It’s sad.

Pallas will continue. We continue to work on XXV, and it will come out later this year. We will be touring, We will be playing at Progeny, We look forward to seeing you all and hopefully to your ongoing support.

We wish Alan well. There is no ill will on our part and we are sure that Alan will be fronting another band before long, and we look forward to that. We would like to remain friends.

I had asked Alan to call me today after our call yesterday. He was very angry on the phone and I totally understand that. I had hoped that I could talk to him today and explain some of these things to him personally before any announcement was made about the situation.

Unfortunately, I am having to say them publicly. I hope this helps balance the equation and that it may give an insight into the other side of this unhappy story. On behalf of the members of Pallas,

Just A Memory

It is with great regret that I must tell you that I am no longer a member of Pallas.

This is not a situation of my desire or choosing. I have been unceremoniously informed that the other members of the band have unanimously decided to sack me. This has happened without prior warning or discussion.

The purported reason is an alleged lack of commitment on my part to the band and the forthcoming album. My external activities with other projects is cited in support of this.

I can only express my sadness that I will no longer be part of the Pallas story. The new album was/is shaping up to be a good one, and I was looking forward to participating fully in it.

I take extreme exception to the suggestion that I was not committed to the band. As I'm sure anyone who knows me will testify, I've been passionate about Pallas since I first joined 25 years ago. I've also been very active in the organisation of the band on many levels.

I can't begin to say how angry and hurt I feel at the way this has been done. We've all been through a lot together over the years, and I've always considered every member of the band and crew a close personal friend. I'd like to say that I wish Graeme, Niall, Ronnie and Colin the best of luck without me - but as you will understand, such Machiavellian treatment leaves a bitter taste. However, I am not and never have been vengeful, and perhaps in the fullness of time we'll speak again.. But this is a betrayal that is not easily forgiven.

As for my own future, it's too early to say. I had not anticipated this, and was expecting a full programme of Pallas-related activity over the next year. Whatever my next move is, it's likely to sound very different. I hope you will continue to offer me the same support and friendship that I have enjoyed up until now.

Alan Reed